How to Photograph in the Rain

How to Photograph in the Rain
These tips on digital photography will help you How to Photograph in the Rain. Don't let a rainy day spoil your plans to take pictures outdoors. With the right camera protection you can use the rain to your advantage and get beautiful pictures.

Protecting Your Camera

Unless your camera is waterproof you'll need to protect it before heading out to Photograph in the Rain. There are plenty of professional rain covers like the Vortex Media Pro Storm Jacket Cover you can buy for your camera.

You can also make your own cover with a gallon sized plastic bag and some rubber bands. Put a whole in one end to put your lense through. Secure the bag around your lens with rubber bands. Use the opening at the other end of the bag to look through the viewfinder and change camera settings.

Photography in the Rain

Use your lens hood to give your lens added protection.Carry a towel with you to dry off your camera if it does get wet.

Avoid taking pictures with the lens pointing upward. You don't want to get rain on your lens. look for cover under porches, awnings and even shady trees. The less rain actually falling on you the better. Try taking pictures from your car to protect you from the rain or even through an open window in a building. Use an umbrella. It can be difficult to handle an umbrella and your camera at the same time, but it will help keep your camera out of the elements.

Composition Tips

Now that you've protected your camera these tips on digital photography will help you get great rainy day pictures.

Rain can make the colors in an area appear more vivid and the cloud cover makes for good light for photography. It also gives you an opportunity to take pictures of normally crowded outdoor areas when there are less people around. Umbrellas are another bonus if you ask me. People walking along with their umbrellas can make for a great photographs.

It can be difficult to get pictures of rain unless it's absolutely pouring. You can increase the visibility of the rain by backlighting it. Take pictures towards a light source like the sun breaking through the clouds or a street lights to really highlight the raindrops.

You can also get good pictures of raindrops when getting them reflected in other surfaces. Try taking pictures of them reflected in puddles or on glass.

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