Tips for Photographing Wives or Girlfriends

Tips for Photographing Wives or Girlfriends

At glamour Photographer & Model we are going to spend a lot of time training you to approach models online, but maybe you have subjects close to home you want to shoot. Maybe that is all you want to shoot, so here’s some Tips for Photographing Wives or Girlfriends.

The Relationship is Different.

When you are Photographing a model, she is a stranger. When you are shooting your significant other, she knows you. Hopefully this is a good thing. You’ll find they aren’t as nervous about shooting with you as a new model. Familiarity can be a big help. They can relax and not worry that you are going to do something creepy. They are probably comfortable being scantily clad or nude around you already. They aren’t afraid to tell you when something makes them uncomfortable. Hopefully they know you aren’t going to get mad at them for doing something “wrong”.

On the other hand they may be used to telling you want to do. You have a vision in your head, but the Mrs may not want to go along. This isn’t a marriage counseling tip, but communication is the key here.

They Are Still Afraid.

Models are afraid. The ones that don’t know you are afraid your a killer or a rapist or a creep. The ones that know you know this isn’t true, but they are still afraid you are going to make them look bad. And you might. I’m mean you are a beginner, so you might make some mistakes.
Here’s how you handle making photographic mistakes. Don’t show them to the model.
When you do something right, show her that. When you do something wrong keep it from them.

They Maybe Less Than Perfect.

Models are suppose to be a cut above the average woman. Everyone has flaws, even models that get paid thousands of dollars an hour. But your wife or girlfriend probably has more flaws than a model. Photographer & Model teach you how to deal with flaws. But for now here’s something you must do.
Keep complementing her. Tell her she is beautiful. That’s she’s doing everything right. Tell her she’s sexy and that you love her. Remember it takes 10 good comments to make up for one bad one in a woman’s eyes. Keep the good ones coming.

One advantage of Photographing wife or girlfriend is you can get really good at it. You get to do it over and over. You learn which side is the good side. What poses are the most flattering, and how to light to hide flaws.

Pampering Goes A Long Way.

Women love to be pampered. So if you want to shoot the Mrs, pamper her a little. Few women have ever had a professional makeup artist do their makeup. Getting one makes a huge difference in any image, but really makes non-models feel special.

You’re shooting glamour, which may mean they need to be in lingerie or nude in a bedroom setting. Light some candles. Get out the sensual sheets. They make great background and set the mood.
All these things will help you get the best images you can out of your wife and get her to let you shoot her again.

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