Trick to Get Correct Exposure on Landscape Photography

Trick to Get Correct Exposure on Landscape Photography
Have you ever wondered how the some photographers get Correct exposure on Landscape Photography they are on time and every time? After all of the settings they need to seek out in all kinds of lighting situations can not be really simple.

to obtain the correct exposure is difficult. Of course this will require time to master, but it does not take long to start taking better photography landscape photos with just a few tips on your camera. Get comfortable with this technique and you will immediately impressed everyone with your new found skill on your photography.

This landscape photography trick starts with you switching your camera to fully automatic mode (see picture beside). Once you’ve done that we want to find one of the following three colours. Red, Blue or Green. Why those colours? Because they are primary colours and that is what we after. Obviously we want the objects with those colours to be reasonable close to the subject that you are shooting. So what could be green? Well grass and trees are green, and the sky is normally blue. Don’t stress if you can’t find those three colours, if someone is wearing orange for instance that will suffice.

Now point your camera and that object and see what settings your camera would use to take the shot. It might say aperture should be F8, ISO400 and shutter speed 1 sec.

Remember those settings now. Now switch your camera to fully manual and punch in those settings. Hey presto! Congratulations you are now taking photos in fully manual mode. Its now you that is taking the photo and not the camera, that means you are the one who is making all the creative decisions and not your camera and that is a very liberating feeling. The first time you get your first great fully manual shot is a great feeling and one that you won’t forget. Don’t let the camera make your decisions for you.

Now one of the mistakes I think people make is that if they aren’t happy with the exposure on Landscape Photography after using this trick they going and change all three settings. Please don’t do that. To get a great landscape photograph, you should only really change the shutter speed. If the photo is too dark then hold the shutter open for longer. This will allow more light in and give you a brighter exposure. If the exposure is too bright, simply release your shutter sooner, this will let less light onto your sensor making for a darker photo.

Your digital camera performs the daunting task of recording as much information as possible. By doing this, the camera's "factory installed instructions" will try to average out all the light levels and expose the image accordingly

That the easy Trick to Get Correct Exposure on Landscape Photography. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera head outside and give it a try.

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Word by:  Jamie Paterson is a landscape and seascape photographer based n Australia. He is always trying to capture those elusive perfect moments that nature shares with us and loves to share his knowledge to enhance others photographic abilities.

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