Corel’s AfterShot Pro

Corel’s AfterShot Pro

Say hello to Corel’s newly released “AfterShot Pro”. Corel’s AfterShot Pro is Corel’s response to Adobe Lightroom with a greatly reduced price tag.

The Corel’s AfterShot Pro package was just recently announced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and is sporting a suggested retail price of $100.  So far all the reviews I have read are very positive. You can read more about Corel’s AfterShot Pro by visiting Corel’s website at this link.  There is also a 30 day free trial available so you can give it a test drive before you buy.  Do you want to see Corel’s AfterShot Pro in action?  You can!  Corel is offering a free introductory webinar on January 25, 2012 from 8PM to 9 PM US Eastern time.  You can register by clicking here.

I used Paint Shop Pro for years before moving to Photoshop and then eventually Lightroom by Adobe.  After learning how to use Lightroom and Photoshop for my purposes via some free tutorials, various NAPP videos,  and a subscription to the Kelby Training site, I found that I probably could have done most if not all the same editing using Corel’s Paint Shop Pro Photo. Dont get me wrong.  I’m not bashing Adobe at all.  Photoshop and Lightroom are wonderful software packages and I’m currently hooked.  I don’t see me dumping them anytime soon.

But, even the biggest Adobe fan has to admit that Photoshop and Lightroom are pretty pricey for the average budget.  Although I know you can get it discounted, Adobe sells Photoshop for $700 USD.  Lightroom will set you back about $300 USD. That’s a pretty high price tag for the average person in today’s economy.
Corel’s AfterShot Pro

So you want an even bigger perk?  How about half price?  I’m on the Corel emailing list so they just dropped a link with coupon in my inbox.  If you click this link you can get Corel’s AfterShot Pro for a mere $50 USD.  I don’t know how long this coupon will be active so good luck!

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