Urban Landscape Photography Tips for Novice

Urban Landscape Photography Tips for Novice

Urban Landscape Photography Tips for Novice - Views of the urban landscape has always been an interesting to photoraph.

The unique shape of the building and the people who perform certain activities are things that could be the subject of photography for experienced and novice photographer. here are some tips that that could be considered  to get a good picture of urban landscape.

Urban Landscape Photography Tips for Novice

Bring the Right Gear for Urban Photography

The effort for expensive photography equipment would'n be met for all photographers, but there some equipment that very helpfull to take pictures of the urban landscape.

  • Tripod: helpfull to take pictures at night or for twilight
  • Addition lens could be useful  to the specific picture such as a wide angle and zoom lens that useful to get a picture in a different dimension like detail or a wider pictur.

Pick a Focus

Every city is its own entity and conveys many different images. It is important to find those things which stand out to the photographer and resonate how they feel about the city they are capturing.
Panoramic shots can be great for showing the city in all its glory. Focusing on one particular architectural element can be a good way to create a set of photos. Cities all have their own unique architecture, from graveyards and churches to old buildings and skyscrapers. One should find the areas of the city with these elements, even if it takes a little bit of exploration.

Also, sometimes the people that walk through the city are as interesting at the city itself or more so. Businessmen on their way to work, kids hanging about idly or districts that cater to a counter-culture all make good subjects.

Choosing the Right Time

If one is looking to get quiet and clean photos of the city, the morning is the best time, since it is less busy. This is the prime time for doing architectural shots. When looking for a more active time, lunch hour or a busy Friday night will bring the people into the streets.
Bright, vibrant photos will require shooting when the sun is high, while times such as dawn or dusk have their own appeal. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to make time and spend an entire day shooting in order to get the widest variety of lighting.

Things to Keep in Mind

When looking for a good photo opportunity, there are some things to keep in mind regarding composition. By paying attention to one’s surroundings, a shot will often present itself by observing some basic rules of photography.
  • Angles – Find new and interesting angles to use and take lots of pictures from many different angles.
  • Contrast – Seek out contrasts in visual elements such as architecture styles, textures and colors.
  • Theme – Pick a theme and photograph with that theme in mind to create a set of photos that work together.
Even when one does not know what they wish to photograph, being able to use these elements will produce good photos simply by their own virtues.

Be Creative and Be PatientNever be afraid to try things out and be experimental with photography. Even if unsure of a shot, take it anyway and take a dozen. Sometimes looking at photos later will reveal something interesting that one did not see at the time of the photograph’s taking and inspire them creatively.
Also, one should be prepared for a huge pile of photos that never quite work out. It pays to take more photos than one thinks is necessary, just in case a subtle variation in two similar shots makes the difference between mediocre and great. Photography is ultimately a learning process, and every photo, good or bad, has a lesson to teach.

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