Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera is the result of long evolution of Nikon DSLR beginners in creating the foremost nearly ideal.Since the success of the D40 in 2007, Nikon a bit lazy  to create a surprise and likely to continue D40 with similar products such as D40x and D60.

Even when introduced D3000, Nikon doesn't want to provide much less live view feature movie mode. D3000 solely surprise by embedding module with 11 AF points (such as D5000 and features 3D tracking AF, and the LCD screen a bit more relieved. Enough? of course not. Even the presence of such D3000 D60 repeat the story which is considered failed miserably even won title D3000 DSLR Nikon had the worst version of Ken Rockwell. aware of this, Nikon finally in the last of 2010 and launched the D3100 with a variety of necessary changes such as:

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera

Feature of the new Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera

  • Provide features live view and full HD movie
  • Change from CCD to CMOS sensors
  • Increase the resolution of 10 MP to 14 MP
  • Raise the maximum ISO from 1600 to 3200
  • Add a useful lever drive mode (including Quiet Shutter Release)
  • Using second-generation EXPEED processor
Nikon retains all the good things that exist in D3000 as 11 point AF and a Guide Mode to help beginners use the camera and get good results. In dimensions and shape of the camera body was still relatively similar to D3100 D3000 to D40 which includes a small and lightweight.
Before examining further, here I present the first full  specification

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera Specification

  • 14 MP CMOS sensor (23.2 x 15.5 mm)
  • Live View
  • Continuous AF in video mode / live view
  • 3-inch LCD 230k pixel resolution
  • ISO 100 - 3200, plus Hi-1 (ISO 6400 equivalent) and Hi-2 (ISO 12800 equivalent)
  • flash sync 1 / 200 sec
  • 11 point AF (multi-CAM 1000 module)
  • 420-pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix II metering sensor
  • HD Video 1920 x 1080p 24 fps and 1280 x 720p 30 fps fps/24
  • AVCHD video codec (H.264), HDMI out
  • EXPEED2 processor
  • users can modify and save a profile picture
  • video editing in the camera
  • 3 fps burst
  • GPS port
Not difficult to make conclusions from this review. Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera is the best DSLR ever made by Nikon in the beginner class. Although not perfect, Nikon D3100 has fulfilled the expectations of all beginners with a combination of price, features, performance, yield and size of a very balanced.

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