Spec of the Nikon D800

Spec of the Nikon D800
At the start of October, it was reported that the Nikon D800 is expected by the end of this year, but apart from a few specifications, there was nothing to really go by. According to a post by Nikon Rumors, this has changed to a slight extent with the website now displaying a few images and specifications of the brand’s high end DSLR.

While most of the rumoured specifications remain the same the website has dished out a few more details on the D700’s successor.

Here is a quick look at the rumoured

Spec of the Nikon D800:

  • 36 Megapixel sensor with a resolution of 7360 x 4912
  • ISO 50 – 25600
  • 100 percent viewfinder coverage
  • Dual memory card slots (CF as well as SD card)
  • 1080p video recording at 30fps
  • 720p video recording at 60fps
  • Over 3-inch display
Spec of the Nikon D800

Apart from the above mentioned specifications, the website claims that this will be smaller and lighter than the D700. In a related report by The Verge, the D800 is rumoured to be launched this week on the 24th of November, 2011, and it is expected to be priced at Rs.2,00,000 (USD 3,900). However, as of now, there is no word on the announcement or price from Nikon regarding the much awaited D800.

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